Statements by LDS leaders in the 1860s clarify the spiritual work needed to build Zion. It appears that the “one heart” part of the recipe requires us, to live worthy of revelation and then obey it, on an on-going basis –united in our love of God and obedience to Him and His will, as revealed to us individually and through the prophets.
meme-wixom-together-1238356-gallery Wilford Woodruff on 4/7/1867 said, “This body of people, or church, has got to build up the Zion of God in the last days, and this work cannot be accomplished upon any other principle than that of our being united together as the heart of one man.”
Pres. Brigham Young then explains how we can become of one heart through sanctification, “…they must be gathered together to be taught, that they may sanctify themselves before the Lord and become of one heart and of one mind.” (4/14/1867).
And in that unity they are to obey God: “We are called to build up Zion, and we cannot build it up unless we are united; and in that union we have got to carry out the commandments of God unto us, and we have got to obey those who are set to lead and guide the affairs of the Kingdom of God.” (WW, 4/7/1867)
And we can’t obey God without revelation. “The Lord is building up Zion, and is emptying the earth of wickedness, gathering his people, bringing again Zion…. Can this be done without revelation? No. You will not make a move, or do anything—plant corn, build a hall or a temple, make a farm, or go to the States—no, not a thing towards building up Zion, without the power of revelation.“ (BY, 7/28/61)
“Do you want to know the true policy of building up Zion, and what is required of us as a people? I can give it to you. …if we live every day of our lives so as to possess the Spirit of the Lord, and are dictated in all our business transactions and in every move we make by the spirit of revelation, we should merit, and justly and righteously obtain greater blessings than we now possess. “ (BY, 4/8/67).
Personal sanctification and obedience to revelation allows the group unity needed.