Under the “many-good-things-of-their-own-free-will” principle (D&C 58:27), interested Latter-Day Saints could work together to build Zion (or at least, pre-Zion) communities now, instead of waiting for someone else to build Zion for us. That way, we learn from our experiences to be better prepared for the official Zion and also, when Babylon is destroyed, we won’t go down with it (D&C 64:24).

One Possibility:
Some things others are doing could be combined in inspired ways to move us closer to Zion:
1. The Mondragon network of cooperatives. Both Brigham Young and John Taylor saw cooperatives as a desirable step towards United Orders.
2. The lifestyle of Unity of the people of Ladakh, India (before Babylon crept in and ruined it) – see: Ancient Futures
3. The idea of self-reliant, cooperative, self-sustaining experimental communities where “Work we must, but the lunch is free.”
4. Comfortable homes called “Earthships” that are independent of Babylon’s power & water grids.