Doctrine & Covenants 111 has a duel message.  It originally applied to Joseph Smith as he traveled to Salem, Massachusetts. Here is the section heading provided in the LDS scriptures:
“Revelation given through Joseph Smith the Prophet, at Salem, Massachusetts, August 6, 1836. At this time the leaders of the Church were heavily in debt due to their labors in the ministry. Hearing that a large amount of money would be available to them in Salem, the Prophet, Sidney Rigdon, Hyrum Smith, and Oliver Cowdery traveled there from Kirtland, Ohio, to investigate this claim, along with preaching the gospel. The brethren transacted several items of Church business and did some preaching. When it became apparent that no money was to be forthcoming, they returned to Kirtland.”
As the section heading above indicates, Joseph’s trip to Salem did not produce any money or treasure.  Was this a failed prophecy?  I don’t think so.  Apparently the Lord also intended for D&C 111 to apply to Bishop John Koyle.  He was a revelatory man who lived in Salem, UT a hundred years ago with a divinely appointed mission to make ready an ancient Nephite gold mine.  He was shown that the mine would eventually finance the building up of the Political Kingdom of God after a coming global financial collapse.  Below is a brief excerpt from one of the books about the Relief Mine, which makes the connection to D&C 111 and the coming Zion:
Bishop John Koyle was reading the Doctrine and Covenants one morning, and at ten o’clock he thought, “It’s time to go into the mine and see what has showed up.” He put the book on a shelf, took his lamp and walked up the trail toward the mine. He heard a voice say, “Go back and read Section 111; it pertains to this place.” He stopped, looked all around, but could see no one so he started walking again. Three times this was repeated so he went back and read:
D&C 111
“I the Lord your God am not displeased with your coming this journey (your life’s journey), notwithstanding your (Koyle’s) follies. I have much treasure in this (ancient Nephite) city for you for the benefit of Zion, and many people in this city, whom I will gather out in due time for the benefit of Zion, through your instrumentality.
Therefore, it is expedient that you should form acquaintance with men in this city, as you shall be led and as it shall be given you. And it shall come to pass in due time that I will give this city unto your hands, that you shall have power over it, insomuch that they shall not discover your secret parts; and its wealth pertaining to gold and silver shall be yours (Zion’s).”
Why hasn’t the Relief Mine ever produced any gold?  The Lord said it was not designed to until the financial crisis when the US paper dollar becomes totally worthless.  The mine will also not be vindicated until at least 12 families are living the United Order or the law of consecration, something members of the church have already covenanted to do in the temple.  So, do you want to prepare yourself for establishing Zion?  Then start thinking about living the law of consecration.
More information about Bishop Koyle and his impeccable gift of prophecy can be found at  There are currently over 7,000 members of the church aligned with this divine last days project.
– Anonymous