The Building Zion Podcast was a weekly opportunity to hear from fellow Latter-Day Saints who believe that building Zion now qualifies as “many good things of their own free will, and to bring to pass much righteousness”.  We’re not waiting to be “commanded in all things”.  (See D&C 58:26-29)

As Brigham said, “We are not going to wait for angels, or for Enoch and his company to come and build up Zion, but we are going to build it.”  We have been taught correct principles, now let’s govern ourselves accordingly.

Here are the previous Zion Conference Calls for your listening pleasure:

8/7/16 – Is Commerce the doorway to a Babylon society?

8/14/16 – How exactly is Babylon the antithesis of Zion?

8/21/16 – 500 Quotes:  Building Zion is Central to the Gospel (PDF).

8/28/16 – 500 Quotes:  What IS Zion?

9/11/16 – 500 Quotes:  Building Zion is God’s Will

9/18/16 – 500 Quotes:  Zion Prophesied

9/25/16 – 500 Quotes: We are obligated to build Zion.

10/2/16 – 500 Quotes: Building Zion in Utah + What we can do today.

10/9/16 – 500 Quotes: What Building Zion Requires of Us

10/16/16 – 500 Quotes: Building Zion is Temporal Too! + Becoming Pure in Heart

10/23/16 – 500 Quotes: Building Zion Requires Actual Labor + What we can do today.

10/30/16 – 500 Quotes: What Holds us Back from Building Zion?

11/13/16 – 500 Quotes:  Building Zion includes Achieving Economic Independence

11/22/16 – 500 Quotes: Economic Unity + the Zion Builders Co-op

11/29/16 – 500 Quotes: There’s No Need to Wait to Build Zion

12/4/16 – 500 Quotes: Cooperation is a Stepping Stone to Zion

12/11/16 – 500 Quotes: It’s Up to Us.

9/10/17 – Discussion about the Zion-Builders Co-op.