For instance, if there were two stores in this town, one occupied by a man who is not of our faith, and another occupied by a man who is of our faith, a man whose whole interests were identified with Zion, whose whole thought was to build up Zion and to advance the cause thereof on the earth, would I be an enemy of the man not of us because I did not patronize him, but patronized and sustained the man who is of us? Certainly not; it would be no mark of enmity on my part to him. I might have and would have a preference for my brother, for the man who was identified with me and who was laboring for the same end; and this is the spirit we should have.
– George Q. Cannon, 8/26/1883

NOTE: This quote could just as easily been classified under “Economic Unity”. He’s saying, “Patronize those businesses whose owners have covenanted with God to consecrate their all for the building of Zion.”