Let us observe the laws of God, and keep His commandments, and the blessing of God will be with us. We will go forward and build our temples and labor therein. [1] We will go forth and build up the Kingdom of God; [2] we will go forth and purify the Church of God; [3] we will go forth and establish the Zion of God.

– John Taylor, 11/30/1884

A point of explanation. I put this quote under “What Zion is and is not” because this quote (along with many others) uses language which suggests that the Church, the Kingdom, and Zion are three different, distinct entities.  From what all the quotes indicate, the Church is God’s religious organization of his people, the Kingdom is actually the political organization, and Zion is the economic organization of God’s people.  All three make up the society God wishes for his children, like the three legs of a stool, they work together to achieve his will.