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LDS Doctrine

Champions for Zion: Remarkable Teachings on Building Zion by Early LDS Leaders, by Jesse Fisher
A compilation and categorization of over 700 quotes about building Zion.

Conference talk given October 8, 1873 by Apostle Wilford Woodruff
(Representative of common early Utah teachings about Zion)

Encyclical Letter Upon Co-operation and the Social System (First Presidency letter in 1875)

United Order—Tithing—Cooperative Labors in Brigham City” (Talk by Apostle Lorenzo Snow in 1878)

We Should Build Up Nothing that is Opposed to Zion” – 1883 talk by Apostle George Q. Cannon comparing modern Israel with ancient Israel in regards to the risk of our failure in building Zion.

Becoming a Zion Society: Six Principles” – Brother R. Quinn Gardner, Managing Director of the Church Welfare Services Department.

Come to Zion” – Apostle D. Todd Christopherson
(“The antithesis and antagonist of Zion is Babylon.” ie. Babylon & Zion are opposites)

Zion in the Midst of Babylon” – Elder David R. Stone
(Presents the idea that Babylon has a culture, and, its values rub off on us)

Beware of Pride” – President Ezra Taft Benson
(“Pride is the great stumbling block to Zion”)
Here’s my version of his talk edited for clarity:  Beware of Pride

Come to Zion, Come to Zion” – Elder Keith B. McMullin
(Supports the narrow “Zion=The Church” definition of Zion)

This is Your Phone Call” – Bishop Richard G. Edgley
(Gives us permission to solve our own employment and financial challenges on the ward & stake levels)

LDS Economic Theory & History

Approaching Zion, by Hugh Nibley (free online book)

Great Basin Kingdom, by Leonard J. Arrington – (a must-read to see that the Saints were truly building a brick-and-mortar, here-and-now Zion society in Territorial Utah from 1847-1887)
– Excerpt on the amazing Brigham City Cooperative

Zion’s Central Board of Trade  (Wikipedia entry)

Impressive Gentile Efforts

Ancient Futures — Learning From Ladakh  (this documentary shows the shift from a Zion-like community to Babylon in 10 short years)

Mondragon Spain network of worker-owned cooperatives.  (A remarkable success story of economic unity and cooperation).

Seeking the Good Life in America.
(video series touring a few “Intentional Communities” in the USA.  Think what WE could do under similar circumstances!)

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