Couple of years back I began pondering the location of the line between Babylon and Zion. As Elder Christofferson pointed out, Babylon and Zion are the antitheses and antagonists of each other. As we LDS have been commanded by God to “flee Babylon” and have covenanted to establish Zion through His church, it’d be wise on our part to determine where exactly the line is between the two. The better we understand that line, and where we stand relative to it, the more likely it is that we will be able to cross over.

For me, the question has born very enlightening and empowering fruit as I’ve pondered it over many months. Elder Christofferson’s point, along with President Benson’s that “Pride is the great stumbling block to Zion” led me to make two conclusions, each with enormous implications:
1. Pride is the steppingstone to Babylon, and
2. Humility is the steppingstone to Zion.
I’ve been then asking myself, “How, exactly, does pride lead to Babylon, and humility to Zion?”.

What I came to learn was a much clearer understanding of the foundations of both pride and humility, how they effect those who hold them in their hearts, how they become integrated into our social structures, and the dramatically different results they produce society-wide. Pride literally “goeth before the fall” and humility leads to life and abundance. My next several posts will explore these four points.

What I’ve discovered is that the line between Babylon and Zion is in our hearts and it is there we must cross over.