Brethren, your eye should be single to the glory of God, to hearkening to the counsel of brother Brigham, and to the building up of Zion, then your bodies would be filled with spirit, and your understandings with light, and your hearts with joy, and your souls would be quickened into eternal life with the power of the Holy Ghost, you would then become the depositories of that wisdom and knowledge which would qualify you to be saviors unto your brethren and your posterity.

– Apostle Lorenzo Snow, 1/4/1857

In other words, our focus needs to be on:

  • Bringing glory to God (and not to ourselves).
  • Following the counsel of the Lord’s Prophet, and
  • Building up Zion.

Notice that last one says “building”, not “thinking about…”, “waiting for others to build…”, or “Building Babylon”.  Business as usual is building Babylon, we live in Babylon, but Apostle Snow believed our focus should include building Zion.