The time must come in Zion when a new order of things will be established in regard to temporal matters. We all look forward to it; we all pray for it, we all labor for it—that is, all who have the love of Zion at heart; and we deprecate and deplore everything that would retard us in this direction. The spirit of selfishness appears to be prevalent, the spirit of self-aggrandizement, and we deplore its manifestation. We would like to see the Latter-day Saints receive the counsels of heaven in this respect—to love their neighbors as themselves. This is the counsel of God and the burden of the preaching of the Elders of this Church should be to endeavor to get the Latter-day Saints to see the importance of this principle—to be unselfish. God will bless the man who loves his neighbor, who seeks to promote his neighbor’s interest. I do not care what his station may be; he may be humble and obscure; whoever he may be, if he seeks to promote his neighbor’s interest, he will find that God will bless him, and He will do everything for the man that will be good for him. We must cultivate this spirit; we must seek for it, and struggle for it. The spirit of selfishness is in the earth; every man for himself. And this spirit comes into our borders, and we partake of it to a greater or less extent. Nevertheless, the time will come when this will be changed. God will bring it about. He will bring us through circumstances that will make us know the evil of it, and make us, see the necessity of cultivating the principle of unselfishness in our midst. Selfishness is our weak point today. The fact that we are organizing after the fashion of the world, and that every man is for himself to a great extent, is our weak point; and to guard against it we should be careful not to permit that spirit to enter into our hearts.